TRUSSIHEALTH tackles proposes a decentralized trustworthy health information exchange system that applies SSI concepts as well as related technologies.





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Enduser Relevance

Users, namely the patients, will finally be able to export, store, and use a copy of their health data in an open data format following regulations such as. GDPR and eIDAS v2.


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TRUSSIHEALTH project consists of two core components that will be provided as open-source implementation, namely the TRUSSIHEALTH middle-ware and the eIDAS Bridge. The TRUSSIHEALH middle-ware enables the conversation between the health data in HL7 format and the VC data format. The eIDAS bridge will add a trust layer to the generated VCs. The developed open-source solution might interact with other, already existing, components of Validated ID such the VIDwallet, VIDchain, etc.

Country:  Spain

Status: Early research demo

Category: Middleware and identity (including DNS, authorisation, authentication, reputation systems, distribution and deployment, operations)

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