HIBI encompasses scalable blockchain, decentralized legal reputation and identity systems and interoperable semantic web technologies.





Additional Info

Human Identity Blockchain Initiative will integrate legally binding eIDAS compliant identity into the transaction signing process directly. On the ONTOCHAIN blockchain users will onboard themselves by generating a private public key pair and then linking this key pair to their state-issued identity by completing an nfc-based authentication using their national identity card. This process occurs using the european eIDAS standard and complies with standardized ontologies for identity. Data from the identity verification can be stored for the exclusive use of the identity holder in a second layer self-sovereign identity implementation compliant with the core private public key infrastructure utilized.
In parallel, the client will create an encrypted sharded backup leveraging our Smart Distributed Key Recovery (SDKR) infrastructure. This solves the holy grail of backup and recovery by leveraging a unique identifier generated by the eIDAS signing process to secure the user's private key.

Enduser Relevance

HIBI will ensure formal privacy preserving identity on the blockchain for the first time in history. We will accomplish this in compliance with EIDAS for EU identity documents.




Not available yet


Not available yet

Country:  Germany

Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)

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