Nyxt Browser – Internet Power Browser

Next, a fully extensible power-browser. It enables sophisticated web document manipulation and processing where users can… e.g.: +Switch between tabs by topic, URL, etc. +Search all URLs on a page by name, or target. +Search through all of their bookmarks with compound queries. We wish to extend these capabilities via a number of paradigms/technologies: + Strengthen the text and semantic analysis capabilities of Next to allow chaining these operations in workflows for document processing. + Graphical, interactive document object model selection, and manipulation. This will allow the user to operate on a set of elements simultaneously, to, for example, map a download operation on a set of Further information: + Users can persist/retrieve document annotations. + Omni-search capability allowing users to simultaneously search through their history, notes, and all other sources.





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https://nyxt.atlas.engineer/faq. Nyxt Browser has been selected twice in ngi-pointer

Country:  France Germany

Keyword: Transport Networks

Status: Operational technology (practical and/or commercial viability)

Category: Services and applications (for example email, instant messaging, video chat, collaboration, cloud storage)

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