Welcome to the world of /e/OS-Project: The world’s first Android completely ‘de-Googled’

/e/OS-Project (Gaël Duval)

Gaël Duval – /e/OS-Project

Have you ever imagined mobile devices prioritising your privacy and the planet’s sustainability?
This innovative initiative led by E Foundation and Murena has created /e/OS, the world’s first Android completely ‘deGoogled’, meaning it doesn’t collect your data.
Discover what is behind this revolutionary privacy-focused Android with over 35,000 active users.

/e/OS-Project – The What

Have you ever wondered about an initiative that allows people to choose mobile devices that respect privacy?
This is precisely what the /e/OS-Project stands for.
This project is run by two groups: E Foundation, a non-profit organisation, and Murena, a for-profit company. Although they have different ways of doing things, they share the same goal: to ensure that everyone can choose a mobile device—like a smartphone or tablet—that runs on software that respects privacy is open-source, and is suitable for the environment.


/e/OS-Project – For What

The /e/OS-Project focuses on giving users options that value their privacy. Instead of sticking with big companies like Google, Murena wants to offer something different, creating an online space that’s more open, secure, and fair for everyone by making people feel comfortable using the internet without worrying about their personal information being misused.

/e/OS-Project – The Reach

The /e/OS-Project has made notable progress in expanding its reach by growing its user base to 35,000 people. Additionally, it has ensured compatibility with over 240 smartphones and tablets, enhancing the accessibility of its services.


/e/OS-Project – The Milestones

Murena and E Foundation have achieved significant milestones in improving online privacy and sustainability. They developed /e/OS, a privacy-focused Android system, and the Murena Cloud for secure data storage. Additionally, they created open-source apps prioritising privacy alongside an ‘Advanced Privacy’ module. Murena’s impact is evident with a user base of over 35,000, spanning compatibility with numerous devices and the introduction of their hardware line, the Murena One.

Their commitment extends to environmental sustainability, using renewable energy for all servers and collaborating with eco-friendly phone brands while supporting older devices to reduce electronic waste.

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