Welcome to the world of Open Food Facts: Make easily healthier, environmentally friendly food choices

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Alex Garel – Open Food Facts

Have you ever wondered how you can easily make healthier, environmentally friendly food choices? Open Food Facts might just have the answers, with a database featuring over 3.2 million food products used by millions around the globe.

Open Food Facts – The What

Open Food Facts is a revolutionary open-source food database aiming to empower consumers, producers, researchers, and governments with comprehensive data on over 3.2 million food products. This global platform assists in understanding food’s impact on health and the environment.


Open Food Facts – For What

The primary purpose of Open Food Facts is to enable informed choices. With escalating concerns about obesity and environmental degradation, this database provides crucial information that helps users select healthier and more sustainable foods by catering to various needs, including dietary restrictions, environmental concerns, and ethical considerations.

Open Food Facts – The Reach

Open Food Facts is making a significant impact worldwide, reaching 160 countries with nearly 2.9 million monthly users and a thriving community of 20,000 contributors, currently seeing 34 million search journeys annually.


Open Food Facts – The Milestones

Recent efforts to enhance user interaction include the launch of Search-a-licious, a tool developed under the NGI Search initiative. Although yet to be public, it promises faster, more relevant search capabilities and support for multiple languages. This tool is designed to make the search experience as seamless as leading e-commerce platforms, broadening its usability beyond food to include related areas like pet food and cosmetics.

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