NGI Community Map Help

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) Community Map displays NGI actors, i.e. organisations/companies that currently participate or are willing to participate in the NGI initiative.

To view details about an NGI actor, move a (mouse) pointer over a pin to see a name of the NGI actor. Click on a pin of the map to view details of the NGI actor. Close the detailed view overlay by clicking the X –button (circled in the picture below).

To view the NGI initiatives that have been registered to the map, click on the “Show initiatives” button highlighted in the picture below:

Initiatives are displayed with a red pin. To view details about an initiative, click on a red pin and the details are shown on the left sidebar in the same way as the details of an actor.

To add a new actor, click on the 3 horizontal lines (circled) on the top left corner of the map:

This opens up the left sidebar. To add the actor, click on the “Add” option from the top menu of the sidebar:

Fill in the details of the actor. You may add projects that the actor is involved in, by clicking on the “Add Project” button:

After filling in the actor details, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom. You will receive a confirmation email in the email address you have provided. The actor will appear on the map after it has been moderated by a representative of the NGI initiative.

You can filter actors according to their type, by clicking on the “Filter” option from the top menu of the sidebar:

You can select multiple filters. Click on the “Clear” button to remove all filters.

You can search for an actor by clicking on the magnifying glass option from the top menu of the sidebar:

To see the list of actors already registered on the map, click on the “NGI Community” option from the top menu of the sidebar:

Selecting an actor type will show a list of the registered actors.

Registered actors will receive an automated confirmation email that contains a unique editing link. By clicking on this link, actors are taken to the map submission form, where they can edit their previously submitted data. Registered actors can also delete their data by clicking on the Delete button.

Like before, click on the “Edit Account” link you have received when registering an actor. On the top right corner of the map, you have the options shown below:

By clicking on the “Open my initiatives” button, you are presented with the dialog box shown below, where you can create a new NGI initiative, or edit an initiative that you have previously created:

New initiatives are not moderated but appear immediately on the map.

Registered actors have the ability to view a report about the latest map statistics, nearby actors, hot projects, as well as the latest NGI initiatives registered to the map. To view this report, click on the “Edit Account” link you have received when registering an actor and then click on the “View report” button (right below the “Open my initiatives” button). You will be presented with a report similar to the one shown below:

In case you have misplaced the email you received when registering a new actor, you can request a new editing link by clicking on the “Request editing link” button on the bottom right corner of the map. You will be asked to provide the email you have used when registering the actor:

Summary presentation

Here you can download a summary presentation.


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