HUB4NGI ready to go!

The HUB4NGI project kicked off in Brussels on the 19th and 20th January and is ready to start its activities that will contribute to coordinate and support activities all across the NGI initiative in order to contribute to turn it into an increasingly dynamic, collaborative, vibrant and participatory research and innovation ecosystem.

The consortium led by Martel Innovate (Switzerland) gathers top-notch players in the Future Internet landscape: IT Innovation (UK), Open University (UK), IDC (Italy), PSNC (Poland) and IMEC (Belgium).

All partners are fully committed to build and operate a HUB capable of effectively supporting and coordinating activities across the whole NGI context by combining knowledge, tools and processes to reach and engage top-notch Internet researchers and innovators.

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News about the NGI will also be posted via the Twitter channel @NGI4EU and via the project’s web pages.