The NGI map

Make your mark on the NGI map!

If you are contributing to building the Internet of the future and you would like to be part of the NGI community, it is time to take your place NGI online map.

Published by the HUB4NGI project, the NGI online map will help fostering collaborations amongst all active the researchers and innovators in Europe and beyond, including research centers, national public research funding organizations, SMEs, start-ups, non-government organisations (NGOs), corporations, incubators, accelerators, investors, influencers, co-working spaces, and more.

The NGI map brings many advantages to participants:
Benefit from a marketing channel to promote their work and expertise (=increased visibility and reach)
Indicate willingness to be part of a totally new initiative for the development of the future Internet
Be able to shape and refine the NGI R&D agenda, planned activities and instruments
Be part of a true pan-European partnership: national – EU – international
Participate in the NGI activities by fostering collaborations with top-notch players.

The map provides users with the core information they need to better reach all the active stakeholders in the European ecosystem, including their contact details, a short introduction to their organization, an overview of their business activities (if relevant), as well as information about projects and initiatives they are involved in. It is designed to encourage and facilitate collaborations and participation to the NGI initiative.

This is an ongoing work, so your feedback and input will be crucial to improve it!

Check-in now, and help make it happen!