The Interim Study Report

In 2017 the European Commission commissioned a study to NLnet foundation and Gartner. The task of the project was to write a vision for the Next Generation Internet, prioritize research topics and advise on how do architect the initiative. The project is still ongoing, and should finish early 2018.

The Interim Study Report for the Next Generation Internet 2025, SMART 2016/0033 aims at reporting on the first project steps and the initial results of the study after 4,5 months of activities.

The Interim Study Report delivers on the following topics:

  • “Initial steps taken”, describing the activities and most relevant steps taken during the first 4,5 months of the project. It is a summary of the progress of the project;
  • The initial work on the Vision;
  • The method for shaping the NGI Programme, input collected from stakeholders and desk search on Research Topics, and a first focus on technology topics;
  • The Mapping of Ongoing Relevant Initiatives; and
  • A description of stakeholder mapping and setting up of the Community, and organisation of the Workshop.

Download the report (pdf).

More information on the NLnet foundation website.