NGI: The Consultation Platform

Are you one of the 615 million European internet users? Do you use the internet as an online work-space, a dynamic communication tool, or simply to engage in personal interests? If so, you are contributing daily to the world’s single largest online market.

To help influence the creation of the Next Generation Internet, the European Commission have facilitated a dynamic, democratic and continuously open consultation platform that is accessible to all stakeholders: the NGI Consultation Platform.

Whether you are a researcher, hi-tech start-up, SME or a social innovator/citizen, your expertise and insights are vital in creating an internet that reflects European values.

The consultation platform has 3 levels of engagement, that aim to define and highlight the innovations that will make Europe a trusted hub globally:

  1. Reader: to allow you to keep informed with regular NGI news updates;
  2. Contributor: by participating in surveys and discussion channels;
  3. Expert: giving you increased visibility throughout the NGI community.

On the NGI Consultation Platform, you can post your views and share your expertise on thematic priorities for European initiatives 2018-2020, spanning EU values of privacy, data protection, transparency and trust, core technology advances and social innovations.

You can also discover insights from a European Champions Panel, covering a variety of topics on the NGI.

Join the online Consultation Platform today to help shape your Next Generation Internet.

To join the consultation, click below and complete the registration form. To post your contribution, select your topic of interest in the Discussion Channels and click on Join Now.


Answering to part b of the ICT-41-2017: Next Generation Internet (NGI) call, is responsible for a state-of-the-art NGI consultation platform to collate multiple open and dynamic consultation mechanisms for engagement with the NGI stakeholder communities. The NGI consultation platform designed by the project has been fast-tracked well ahead of the initial completion date and has already been launched to the NGI communities, during the ICT Proposers Day in Budapest, Hungary, held on 9-10th November, 2017. Please register and engage with us on the NGI consultation platform. has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement no 780125.