NGI Classification and Assessment Methodology

In September the HUB4NGI project published the NGI Classification and Assessment Methodology deliverable (D1.1), which has the ultimate goal to provide a comprehensive methodology to classify and assess those initiatives that will come to life over the course of the NGI initiative and receive support from the European Commission or that are identified by the program support actions, including the HUB4NGI project, or related research and studies.

To achieve this objective, HUB4NGI has designed a classification mechanism to identify the scope of these initiatives as well as the technologies used and the field of application. In particular, we look at those technologies that play a key role in the Future Internet area, from Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Based on the approach presented in this document, HUB4NGI will assess how well any of the identified initiatives respond to the objectives of the NGI initiative as expressed by the European commission and the public consultation that will guide the program itself. This document, we believe, provides an important framework that can have an impact on how organisations and projects will work and coordinate within the NGI space and beyond, offering a common system with which all program stakeholders can discuss initiatives and the utility of those initiatives in a standard format, with an independent taxonomy.