Working Together Towards a Future Internet

The Next Generation Internet aims to shape the future internet as an interoperable platform ecosystem that embodies the values of European citizens. Not only does this driven and aspiring vision require the contributions of researchers and innovators, but it also involves the dedicated participation from the 4 contributing CSAs: Hub4NGI,, ENGINEROOM and NGIMove; who collectively work together to support the highly ambitious NGI Flagship, toward the end of the Horizon 2020 programme and into FP9.

On September 15th, 2017, in Brussels, the EC gathered the 4 CSAs to activate a strong coordination among the various projects, all contributing to the NGI initiative. Now, three months on, the NGI initative is being transformed daily into an increasingly dynamic, collaborative and participatory Innovation Ecosystem.

The 4 CSAs are organised in a coordinated way to approach the challenges linked to the overall marketing and communication goals of NGI;

HUB4NGI initally started in January 2017 and being the first and only NGI CSA until September 2017, it has supported the bootstrapping and promotion of the NGI initiative since its beginning, covering all marketing and communication aspects in close coordination with the EC, creating and managing the NGI Online Map, as well as organising the NGI Forum and assisting the Future Internet Forum meetings, and the various appointed National NGI Contact Points in the various Member States and Associated countries.

Additionally, within this framework, ENGINEROOM’s specific role is to identify the technologies and emerging dynamics that will most impact on the future internet, and evaluate how their development could lead us towards a more ‘human-centric’ and inclusive future internet.

The project aims to establish and enact an open, dynamic and continuous consultation process with key stakeholder groups on a citizen centric quest to discover their needs for the Next Generation Internet. The consultation platform also provides a self-sustaining ECP (European Champions Panel) that is composed of carefully selected stakeholder representatives. This activity is carried out continuously through the establishment of an open consultation forum at

Finally, NGI Move continuously aims at establishing a seamless exchange among research, public administration, business and society. In particular, NGI Move brings you salons and meetings all over Europe to promote the Next Generation Internet that are feeding directly into the NGI consultation process.

Simply, the ultimate goal of the CSAs is to create a Human – centric Internet for a better future.

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