NGI at the Digital Assembly 2018 – Insightful Report has gone live today.

The Data Economy and the Next Generation Internet report, elaborated by Dr Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel Innovate and HUB4NGI Coordinator was published today. It focuses on the presentations and discussions that took place at the Digital Assembly 2018 and contains highlights from the NGI workshop, moderated by Dr. Calisti, which took place on the 26th June in Sofia.

With estimates that the value of Europe’s data economy could increase to €739 billion by 2020, representing 4 % of the overall EU GDP, the “Towards a common European data space: Internet of Things, the data economy and the Next Generation Internet” workshop gave the opportunity to explore and debate some of the core questions that must be addressed to create a better internet embracing core European values.

The workshop opened with a speech by Sébastien Soriano, chairman of Arcep, the French national regulatory authority for telecoms and posts, who was then joined by Marleen Stikker, founder and director of Waag, and Leopold Helmut, Head of the Digital Safety and Security Center of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, for a panel discussion and after which they answered some incisive audience questions.

This report provides insights into the data driven economy that is increasing competitiveness, innovation and business opportunities at a world-wide scale. However, several open questions and challenges need to be addressed at economic, political, legal and technological level. The NGI community is at work on this and many players in Europe, from researchers to innovators, including industry, policy makers, regulators and civil society players, are actively engaged in ensuring full transparency on the use of citizens’ data. The report also provides a summary of the experts interventions and of the discussions that followed, as well as outlining key insights and takeaways.

“With new regulations and technologies for protection of data, Europe has pioneered a new era, the era of data consciousness. We are just at the beginning of the journey, but by cultivating diversity, innovation and strong ethics principles enforced by design, we will be able to turn many of the big challenges we are facing today into opportunities for the growth of our society tomorrow.”

Read the full report here.

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