H2020 – Work Programme 2018-2020 – calls 2019 on NGI are published!

A number of technological trends will thoroughly reshape the internet over the next 10-15 years. Europe should drive this technology revolution while contributing to making the future internet more human-centric. An internet for the people, that contributes to a more sustainable and inclusive society.

Increasingly these technological trends influence each other and a programme targeted towards the Next Generation Internet must consider them in a holistic way.

Have a look at the funding opportunities to shape the future internet and create our Next Generation Internet together!
The calls are open from 16 October 2018 and will close on 28 March 2019.

Cutting across technologies, the Open Internet Initiative (ICT-24-2018-2019), based on an agile and flexible programme approach, will focus on research teams, hi-tech start-ups, SMEs and social innovators, and will rapidly explore promising avenues for the Internet of the future. The topics addressed here form a coherent and integrated package.

For the call under ICT-24, closing in 2019, ‘Research and Innovation (R&I) Actions’ in the following three sub-topics will be called for (total amount: 21.5 Million). Proposals should address only one of these sub-topics.

  1. Strengthening internet trustworthiness with electronic identities
  2. Service and data portability
  3. Open Internet architecture renovation

To build upon the EU-US collaboration (ICT-31-2018-2019) in previous work programmes in the area of research experimentation, the aim is to reinforce cooperation and strategic partnerships in the area of Next Generation Internet, to establish a continuous dialogue among the key actors in the US and European programmes and to implement focused projects for joint developments.

For the call closing in 2019 a ‘Research and Innovation (R&I) Action’ for common experiments by EU/US teams on emerging topics for the Next Generation Internet / Tomorrow’s Internet programmes on top of EU/US experimental platforms will be called for (3.5 Million).

Other Calls closing in 2019 related to NGI:

An empowering, inclusive Next Generation Internet (ICT-30-2019-2020):

  • Call for an ‘Innovation Action (IA)’ closing in 2019:
    Digital Learning Incubator for personalised and inclusive digital learning (7 Million)
  • Call for a ‘Coordination and Support Action’ (CSA, 1 Million) to stimulate the collaboration and identify:
    a) emerging research challenges, notably those arising from digital certification of learning outcomes and blockchain technologies and their uptake for a more inclusive and personalised learning;
    b)  address legal, organisational and technological challenges underpinning the uptake of the proposed solutions, notably in relation to their scalability;
    c)  make policy recommendations in view of the priorities of the next programme for research, innovation and deployment

More information available here: https://www.ngi.eu/resources/ec-calls/

Other topics under NGI in the Work Programme 2018-2020 (NO calls in 2019):


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