The Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO)

Next Generation Internet: now operating and sustaining the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO)

Getting feedback on issues such as net neutrality, data-privacy, cyber security, socio-cultural, economic and legal issues related to the Internet is not easy because of the sheer volume and complexity of the information involved.

The Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) is an online platform that makes it easier to understand the influence and the development of the Internet.

GIPO empowers any user to find, display, share and debate about information and documents automatically gathered on a wide set of Internet governance topics.

The added value of GIPO:

  • Explore: Search information on internet policy developments and decisions.
  • Visualise: Discover and analyse trends with your own graphical dashboard.
  • Build: Get useful data for your website and develop apps using the API.


The European Commission, which supports an open internet, provided funding for the development of GIPO as a resource for the global community.


GIPO is now operated by, which has received funding from the European Commission under Horizon 2020 (contract number 780125). As such it is now is hosted on the Next Generation Internet website.