Technology leaders from across Europe have joined forces with academics, industry and civil society public to create a safer, more secure, human-centric internet for the future. The initiative, driven by the European Commission, is the Next Generation Internet (NGI) and they’re looking for even greater, wider input, via a multi-stakeholder consultation process.

The NGI Forum in Porto, Portugal, on 13 September is part of this wider consultation process and the SpeakNGI.eu project is taking an active role.

“It’s an opportunity for everyone to share knowledge and raise concerns with leading experts from a variety of disciplines, including privacy and trust; decentralised data governance; discovery and identification; artificial intelligence and many more”, says James Clarke, of the Telecommunications, Software and Systems Group (TSSG) at Waterford Institute of Technology and coordinator of SpeakNGI.eu.

SpeakNGI.eu is organising a session at the NGI Forum on ‘Better search for trustworthy content and objects discovery’, which is one of the main topics being funded by the Horizon 2020 NGI programme for the next four years.

This highly interactive session organised by TSSG and Trust-IT zooms in on better search for trustworthy content and objects discovery. A short panel discussion with three SMEs Alexandru Stan (In-Two), Ales Cernivec (XLAB) and Alessandro Bassi (ABC) will lead directly to the ConverStations, where participants will move in groups to openly discuss:

  • Improving identification of content, objects and services on the internet
  • Using new search methods to improve the relevance and reliability of search results

The session wraps up with each ConverStation Chair sharing the takeaways from the interactive discussions around the common themes of Values, Challenges, Solutions and the Research and Innovation need to fill the gaps.

Those interested in getting involved in the NGI Forum, can register here.

Join the discussion channel on better search for trustworthy content and objects discovery.

You can also follow NGI on Twitter – @NGI4eu and add your organisation to the NGI online map  or apply for an NGI Award. For more updates, register in the NGI Newsletter/News
Original article published in Irish Tech News.

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