NGI press coverage: IEEE Spectrum and ACM Communications

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative got some high-profile press coverage recently. In the leadup to ICT2018, the NGI featured in two prestigious ICT industry journals, IEEE Spectrum and ACM Communications.

The NGI press coverage in the form of a one-page advertorial appeared in the December print issues of both publications. The article was an interview with HUB4NGI coordinator and CEO of Martel Innovate Dr. Monique Calisti. After outlining the NGI initiative, there was a call to action to join the NGI. Readers were directed to sign up to our mailing list, put their organisation on the NGI map and respond to Open Calls.

We will distribute fifty copies each of IEEE Spectrum and ACM Communications via the NGI booth at ICT2018. IEEE Spectrum has a 382,000 print subscribers and 167,600 digital readers per month. ACM Communications reaches 60,000 print subscribers and 38,000 online.

As well as the print editions of the story, the interview features on the IEEE Spectrum website – and is live throughout November 2018 to January 2019. The ACM site has an NGI skyscraper banner ad, prominently showing NGI branding, which clicks through to This is also running until January 2019. The ACM advert is one of three rotating onsite, so refresh your screen if you don’t see it immediately at:

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