NGI Booth a winner at ICT2018 Vienna

The Fortune Wheel and Photo booth for NGI at ICT2018

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative booth at ICT2018, 4-6 December 2018, in Vienna was a big success. We achieved our communications objectives to engage the ICT2018 community, raise awareness of the NGI initiative and communicate information about our Open Calls.

The NGI booth had hundreds of visitors, gave out more than 1,000 NGI-branded gadgets and distributed copies of two magazines – IEEE Spectrum and ACM Communications – each containing a 1-page interview on the NGI initiative. We also handed out  flyers and shared information about the NGI and related Open Calls. Further, around 200 photos were taken in the NGI photobooth.

Robot promo for the NGI Fortune Wheel

One of the biggest attractions was our interactive Fortune Wheel, which proved an eye-catching way to entice visitors to the booth. Conference delegates enjoyed spinning the wheel and answering our ‘teaching’ questions, which were lighthearted and NGI-themed. It was a great way to engage the audience. Most who spun the wheel also signed up to the NGI mailing list and several registered on the NGI Map.

We tweeted and posted on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn throughout the event, providing a lively and positive commentary.

VIP visitors to the NGI Booth

We had several special guests tour the NGI booth, including the European Commission’s Pearse O’Donohue on the first day. A delegation of press and bloggers also visited the booth. The NGI booth was one of only a few selected for these tours. The EC’s Ragnar Bergstrom also spent considerable time at the booth throughout the event.

A visit from 20 local school students (aged 10-16) was another highlight. The students were at a workshop prior to their booth visit, and three groups presented their different visions for “The internet in 2035”. They then spent time spinning the Fortune Wheel and taking photos. The students were engaged and engaging, with lots of fresh energy and innovative ideas.

The EC’s Pearse O’Donohue with Monique Calisti from HUB4NGI

The booth was coordinated by HUB4NGI and staffed by a revolving team of representatives from the various CSAs: HUB4NGI, SpeakNGI, NGIMove and Engineroom. There were several comments that it was one of the best booths in the exhibition.

Many of the booth visitors had not heard of the NGI before, so it was a successful outreach exercise. From those already ‘in the know’ there was plenty of interest in the Open Calls and in the ongoing work of the Next Generation Internet initiative.

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