Spotlight on ICT2018 Expert Panel on the Next Generation Internet

Vienna, 5th December. A packed room at ICT2018 for the session on Next Generation Internet: Beyond the Internet.

Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT Services & Chair 2nd EOSC HLEG, joined fellow Next Generation Internet (NGI) experts to discuss key developments and business opportunities.

NGI Funding Opportunities

Pearse O’Donohue, Director of Future Networks at DG CNECT, European Commission gave the headline talk.

This talk zoomed in Europe’s leading role in embedding values like democracy and inclusiveness in NGI.

Key points highlighted:

  • NGI is a cross-disciplinary effort.
  • It will allow a human-centric approach to the future of the internet.
  • It will advance and merge key enabling technologies.

Europe is investing in technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, interactive and immersive technologies and cyber security. These investments will help Europe stay at the forefront of game changing developments.

Alongside this, we need to prioritise privacy and security by design and protect user privacy, security and control of their own data.

Investments in NGI open calls are giving opportunities for new entrants, who benefit in two important ways:

  • Simpler funding mechanisms.
  • The chance to work alongside industry and specialised research institutes to develop and roll out new applications, products and services.

Current competitive calls focus on:

  • Privacy and trust enhancing technologies.
  • Decentralised data governance technologies.
  • Search, Discovery and trustworthiness of electronic identities.

Benefits for small businesses

Silvana Muscella highlighted the many wonderful opportunities for European start-ups, SMEs and centres of excellence across Europe. Examples cited draw on members of the NGI community, spanning members of the Early Adopters Club and European Champions Panel, who actively contribute to the consultation platform.

IN2 has benefited from open calls in Future Internet initiatives and contributed to the NGI Forum 2018 session on trustworthy content and objects discovery.

George Ioannidis, Director of IN2:

We have been active in European Research and Innovation for over 10 years. We have witnessed first-hand how artificial intelligence, content interaction and access are key elements of the NGI human centric vision.

Earlier investments were unparalleled opportunities for our SME to experiment with new technologies. We have  explored new business ideas and turned them into successful product innovations.

We are excited to be part of the NGI Community as we believe this is a key enabler and growth catalyst for European businesses.

Alessandro Bassi is a member of the NGI European Champions Panel and has actively contributed to NGI events, such as the NGI Workshop in March 2018 and NGI Forum 2018. Alessandro gave us views from citizens for the session.

Imagine you have a heart attack and you need people to access your medical history, where would you like them to go?” Alessandro Bassi President IoT Italy

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