NLnet grants first Next Generation Internet projects

New support scheme launched for independent researchers and open source developers

Today NGI Zero announces the first ever projects that will be funded by the Next Generation Internet initiative, an ambitious new R&D effort from the European Commission to make the internet more resilient, trustworthy and sustainable.

Unique to the NGI Zero funding scheme, coordinated by the NLnet Foundation,  is that all 52 selected projects (as well as many more projects to come) will be available as open source, open hardware and open standards and will also be accessible to people with visual or other disabilities.

For more info, read the NGI Zero press release

Permission-free innovation, openness and interoperability have made the internet an enduring success and an integral part of how we live, work and connect… The Next Generation Internet is set up to empower end-users with control of their personal data and their online environment in general. Privacy and trust enhancing technologies and open search and discovery are essential building blocks that this new grant scheme helps create., Olivier Bringer, head of the Next Generation Internet Unit in the European Commission.

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