The Next Generation Internet initiative launches the NGI community

The NGI Community aims to create a dynamic ecosystem fostering synergies and gathering crucial information related to NGI activities

Are you involved in any activity that aims to shape the future of the internet as a more human, inclusive and value-centric ecosystem? We have good news for you! We have launched the NGI community, a place where researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and all NGI stakeholders can meet.

The goal is to attract and engage the players of the NGI ecosystem: “doers”, start-ups, researchers, innovators, including the deal flow of applicants to NGI open calls, as well as partners already involved in NGI projects to reach a wider audience.

The community will gather and engage a growing ecosystem of stakeholders. This will be made possible by first leveraging Open Calls that are mainly addressed to startups and SMEs that the NGI Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs) and the Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) are running. This will be a first selling point for acquiring a significant number of newcomers, but the growth of the community will not only be based on this.

The NGI Community registration and login are accessible through the NGI Portal which is the main and official access point for visitors/members willing to be part of or know more about the NGI Initiative. The community will be hosted within the FundingBox Communities platform, a communication tool where knowledge sharing and collaborative work is fostered.

The information to be communicated on the NGI community has a twofold goal:

  1. Raise awareness about the NGI to attract potential beneficiaries and other involved members in the ecosystem.
  2. Spread the output obtained to boost its impact and project it into the future.

What does the NGI Community offer?

The community has been built around sections that are supposed to encourage member interaction around key topics related to the NGI Initiative, with the objective to decentralise and democratise the use of the internet. Some of the sections contemplated so far are:

  • NGI Open Calls & Funding Opportunities: This space exhibits different funding opportunities related to the NGI ecosystem, such as Open Calls of the NGI CSAs and RIAs. Here, you can not only find links to the various funding opportunities but you are also able to interact with CSA/RIAs contacts if doubts arise (whether you are a user or a potential applicant).
  • NGI News & Events: A feed where you can find news and events related to the whole NGI ecosystem and stay tuned for all the NGI moves.
  • NGI Marketplace & Support: Here you can advertise yourself to the NGI stakeholder map as part of the NGI ecosystem.
  • NGI Questions & Consultations: A place where questions and consultations are posted, so that they are easily available to all NGI community members.

We invite you to join the community so that you can find relevant information about the NGI ecosystem, share knowledge, meet people and get support to access specific NGI funding opportunities:

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