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Source: Pixabay

Everyone on the internet deserves networking technology they can trust and tools that protect their online privacy. NGI Zero PET will fund promising privacy and trust enhancing projects like user-friendly data vaults, open source private banking and ethical web analytics software.

Is privacy really dead, or do we simply lack the right tools to protect our personal messages and data online? The internet is vital to how we live, work and communicate, but many of its core technologies were never designed with security or privacy in mind. Users are constantly tracked and profiled and feel like they have little control over their online freedom.

Making the internet more trustworthy is one of the key goals of the Next Generation Internet and the main objective of the NGI Zero open R&D call for privacy and trust enhancing technologies, maintained by the NLnet foundation.

The sixth call of NGI Zero PET opened up on October 1st 2019 with a deadline for submission of December 1st.

Between now and 2021 NLnet and NGI Zero will award 5.6 million euro in small to medium-sized R&D grants.

Open source and accessible

NGI Zero PET is a unique funding scheme for technology projects that improve the privacy and trustworthiness of the internet. The entire yield of supported projects will become available as open source, open hardware and open standards.

Another unique trait is that all projects will be delivered accessible to people with visual or other disabilities.

The world class NGI Zero coalition coordinated by Nlnet also supports these projects with their expertise on security and code quality, accessibility, localisation/internationalisation, packaging and reproducible builds, documentation, responsible disclosure, diversity and community building, so the selected privacy and trust enhancing technologies can ultimately be deployed and run at internet scale.

Data vaults and open source private banking

So what does a trustworthy internet actually look like? How can technology enhance trust and privacy for users? What projects does NGI Zero PET select and support? Read below which projects NLnet and NGI Zero PET selected in the latest open call and why these technologies matter for end-users. And check out the NLnet website to learn more about all the other promising projects NGI Zero PET is proud to support.

A protected hardware device for your private matters

SASL Works for the InternetWide Architecture
Integrate new authentication mechanisms into SASL

Ethical site analytics, controlled by the user

GNU Taler
Advanced electronic payment system for privacy-preserving payments

Privacy Enhancements for PowerDNS and DNSdist
Make it easier to deploy private DoT/DoH resolvers

OpenPGP Certificate Authority
Managing OpenPGP keys for communities and organisation

Tracking the Trackers
Automated scanning for spyware in mobile applications

Zerocat Chipflasher Flashrom Interface
Hardware to flash alternative/libre firmware to BIOS chips



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