Join the NGI community for a key event in the Digital Single Market calendar. From 11 to 13 November, the first edition of the ‘Convergence’ congress brings together the worldwide community of technology start-ups, corporations, regulators and policy makers, researchers and venture capital firms for a three-day event in Malaga, Spain.

The congress gives attendees a chance to develop new networks, hear from experts, and learn how to meet the challenges of blockchain to business and society head on. Join the event and shape the global blockchain debate!

Speakers include Egils Levits, President of the Republic of Latvia; Roberto Viola, Director General of  Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission; Olivier Guersent, Director General of Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, of the European Commission and representatives of The World Bank Group, OECD, UNFCCC, World Food Programme, World Economic Forum, World Trade Organization, business, civil society and academia.

Meet the organisers

  • The International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) which launched in Brussels in On 3 April 2019, and boasts almost 150 members. Numerous governments and international organisations have affiliation as advisors to INATBA’s Governmental Advisory Board.
  • Alastria is a public permissioned blockchain platform in Spain that supports interoperability with various DLT technologies.
  • The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is an EU-funded initiative regrouping different experts and stakeholders, which organises regular events, workshops and reports around blockchain and other DLT innovation.

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