NGI and Future Internet Governance

NGI is fully engaged in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), set up by the UN for key legal, political, social and technical issues relating to the Internet, which meets in Berlin 25 – 27 November, 2019. The IGF brings together governments, civil society, business, academia, international organisations and the technical community.

Building the next generation Internet according to our core values of trust, security and inclusivity is highly relevant to the agenda of the IGF, as well as digital transformation, which is high on the political agenda of the EU. NGI supports cutting-edge digital technologies such as artificial intelligence or distributed ledger technologies to benefit the economy, and our society – highly relevant for this year’s annual form.

Open Forum, Future Internet Governance Strategy for the EU, 27 Nov, 16.00h

The European Commission is holding an interactive panel session, which is an opportunity for experts from different stakeholder groups to discuss their perspectives on the future of Internet governance and the role of Europe, as well as encouraging audience interaction. The EU, as an important global actor, plays a fundamental role in setting standards and regulatory frameworks, as well as becoming a global trusted hub for ethical technology development.

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Join us! Information at the EC Booth

NGI is proud to participate at the EC booth to meet in person. In addition, an NGI-funded project, Casper will be sharing testimonials of the ease of access to financing for ICT projects through NGI.

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