NGI Supports Open Source Community’s FOSDEM 2020, 1-2 February

Thousands of open source developers from all over Europe are flocking to Brussels on 1 and 2 February to share ideas and collaborate.

FOSDEM is one of the top developer events on the planet, gathering 8,000+ open source community members. Although NGI-funded projects have only been operational for just one year, several NGI-funded projects have been selected to talk at this FOSDEM 2020 edition.

NGI is driving activities at the community-organized event and the objectives of FOSDEM are closely aligned with the NGI Initiative. Open source communities address most parts of the Internet stack with a philosophy that is fully aligned with the values supported by the Next Generation Internet: openness, respect of privacy, transparency, inclusion, cooperation and decentralisation.

The weekend will be a ‘meeting of minds’ for developers to be informed about the latest advancements in the free and open source software and hardware world and to promote free and open software development and benefits.

An incredible number of events have been crammed into the weekend (for a full list of the events see here). Of special interest are: the NGI Zero lightning talk A treasure trove of awesome tech, with Michiel Leenaars, coordinator of NGI Zero, on Sunday at 16.00; NGI colleague Luis Busquets’ talk on European software engineering funded research, on Sunday at 16.20; and talks from NGI-funded projects as follows:

Saturday 1 February

From 0 to Intranet in 20 minutes with XWiki, Saturday 11.00

A dozen more things you didn’t know Nextcloud could do, And a little of what you DID know, Saturday 12.00

What’s in my food? Open Food Facts, the Wikipedia of Food, mixing mobile crowdsourcing, ai, opensource and open data to improve food transparency, Saturday 12.40

Next, the programmable web browser, How the architectural choices and the Lisp language make for an infinitely extensible web browser, Saturday 13.20

Decentralized collaborative applications, peer-to-peer collaboration, search and discovery: Saturday, 14.00

Encrypt your collaboration with CryptPad – Real demo! Saturday, 14.40

Verifpal, Cryptographic Protocol Analysis for Students and Engineers, Saturday 16.00

Heads OEM device ownership/reownership: A tamper evident approach to remote integrity attestation, current status and future plan: a call for collaboration, Saturday 16.00

RedWax – trust only yourself, Easy Industry best practice authentication and security – federated or just for you, Saturday 16.40

Vita: high-speed traffic encryption on x86_64 with Snabb, coming to your cloud with XDP, AVF and Kubernetes integration, Saturday 17.40

Heads OEM device ownership/reownership: A tamper evident approach to remove integrity attestation, current status and future plan: a call for collaboration, Saturday 16.00

Go REUSE to license your code, Free Software licensing made simple for everyone, Saturday 18.00

AMENDMENT LumoSQL – Experiments with SQLite, LMDB and more, SQLite is justly famous, but also has well-known limitations, Saturday 18.00

Sunday 2 February

Librecast: Privacy and Decentralization with Multicast, IPv6 Multicast and the Next Generation Internet, Sunday 09.40

SCION – future Internet that you can use today, a clean-slate Internet architecture, Sunday 09.50

Universal package & service discovery with Guix, A universal functional package manager and operating system which respects the freedom of computer users, Sunday 11.30

GNU Mes, scheme-only bootstrap and beyond, Sunday 11.50

IoT Updates with IPv6 Multicast, Updating a Billion Nodes from one tiny server, Sunday 12.10

Peer-to-peer collaboration, search & discovery, decentralized collaborative application development, Sunday, 12.30

Go REUSE to license your code, Free Software licensing made simple for everyone, Sunday, 13.20

FOSDEM Video Box, A bespoke HDMI capture device for conferences, Sunday 14.00

Regaining control of your smartphone with postmarketOS and Maemo Leste, Status of Linux on the smartphone, Sunday 15.00

Extending the lifetime of smartphones with Replicant, a fully free Android distribution, Sunday 16.00

NGI Zero: A treasure trove of tech awesome, sampling through the Next Generation Internet Initiative, Sunday 16.00

European Software Engineering Funded Research, what has happened under Horizon 2020 and what we already know now about the future, Sunday 16.20

There’s also an NGI birds-of-a-feather meet-up on Sunday from 15.30 to 17.00.

See you there!

FOSDEM 2020 will be held at the ULB Campus du Solbosch, Brussels, Belgium.

No registration is necessary, just show up!

For more information see:



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