NGI Explorers – Meet the Explorers

‘Meet the Explorers’ is a new set of video interviews featuring innovators and researchers from all over Europe sharing their inspirations as they prepare for their expeditions to the USA through NGI Explorers.

In each ‘vlog’ the lucky Explorer – each of whom gets to spend three to six months researching and innovating in a US University, Organisation or Company – talks about their project. They discuss their motivation to become an NGI Explorer, why they want to work in a collaboration with the USA and they explain the added value of the NGI initiative for their professional career.


  • Ricardo Carmona presents Bridge Monitoring with Predictive Intelligence
  • Ioannis Chatzigiannakis presents Enabling High-accuracy Heart-Monitoring Wearable Devices using Embedded Artificial Intelligence
  • Aurora González-Vidal presents Knowledge transfer between buildings with different levels of sensorisation using transfer learning techniques for the realization of smart buildings


  • Deniz Yazar presents Exchange Valet

Cloud/Edge Computing

  • Mohit Taneja presents Allocation of Fog Resources to IoT Edge Devices
  • Khulan Batbayar presents Sense-Share-Select: distributed collaborative Internet gateway selection algorithm
  • Akram Hakiri presents SmartNet: Building an intelligent System for Cognitive Edge Network Programmability and Autonomous Adaptability


  • Michal Kedziora presents New methods and algorithms for increasing Cybersecurity in Blockchain Technology
  • Iñaki Eguia presents VES- Virtual Ecosystem for Safety & Security


  • Martin Serrano presents Scale-up KPI Explorer
  • Christian Kudera presents Automated Firmwar Crawling, Firmware Virtualization and Honeyfarm Deplyment of IoT Devices


  • Erma Perenda presents RF Spectrum Deep Insight
  • Cristina Marquez presents Dynamic evolution of mobile traffic data around the world
  • Asad Tirmizi presents 5G for safe robotic control

Watch the NGI Explorers videos here in a playlist on the NGI YouTube channel or here below.

In addition to these fourteen video interviews, the NGI Explorers team also published an overview video presenting the project and its main activities. You can watch it here.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information about our activities!

Next appointments – SAVE THE DATE

  • Webinar #2 – Discover everything you need to know about our second open call DEADLINE: 8 April, 12:00 CET
  • Open Call #2 for Evaluators- we are looking for expert evaluators to select the next Explorers DEADLINE: 13 April, 12:00 CET
  • Open Call #2 for researchers and innovators – do you wish to spend 3 months in top US universities? You still have one month to apply to our Open call DEADLINE: 21 April, 12:00 CET
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