NGI – The people building the Internet of tomorrow

The Next Generation Internet community is an incredibly talented group of people whose combined efforts are creating a human-centric Internet.

With NGI, researchers and innovators run projects throughout Europe in a diverse array of subject areas from cryptography to federated identity and from search technology to secure operating systems.

NGI’s latest position paper – NGI: The people building the Internet of Tomorrow, gives an overview of how NGI Innovators get the support they need to make their dreams a reality. The position paper takes a closer look at the amounts of funding available for a variety of subject areas.

Grants have or will be made for projects supporting Blockchain, Safer Search, Open Source Privacy, Privacy Innovation Comercialisation, Data Portability, Self-Sovereign Identity, Architects to Change the Fabric of the Internet, Policy in Practice and EU-US Collaboration.

Curious to know more about existing grants or future opportunities? Read the full paper ‘NGI: The people building the Internet of Tomorrow‘ here.