NGI Explorers – Second Immersion Bootcamp

On Monday, 28th of September 2020, the 16 selected Explorers in our second open call have been invited to participate in the second NGI Explorers Immersion bootcamp, held online, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Immersion bootcamp aimed the Explorers to (i) foster community connection, exchange and collaboration and (ii) engage in NGI discussions/vision; while discovering who is behind the Programme. Our team drove the 16 Explorers in a one day of immersion in the NGI Explorers ecosystem, in order to brief and support them in view of their first expedition to the US.

The agenda of the immersion bootcamp has been composed of different“training modules”, as follows:

  • LEARN: trainings to advance knowledge on topics like the NGI vision, communication guidelines and tips, American mindset etc…
  • SUPPORT: “we have your back” – administrative support on monitoring procedure during US expedition, and an individual support through an assigned mentor.
  • GROW: fire pitch session. Explorers delivered a three-minute pitch to outline their US technology expedition.

Full agenda can be consulted here.

Stay tuned on our channels for more information about our Programme!

NGI Explorers - Second Immersion Bootcamp

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