NGI results status – investing in an Internet of Humans

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative announces latest results with a large and growing community of almost 550 Internet researchers and innovators supported in 366[1] third party projects. NGI Results from all the NGI Open Calls until June 2020 have mobilised €26M. In the first 18 months of operation of the various ongoing Research and Innovation (RIAs) projects, NGI received a total of 2,367 proposals from 3,414 applicants from 36 countries submitted to the RIAS’ Open Calls.  The NGI Initiative is attracting ever more newcomers to EC funding – three quarters (76 percent) are new to Horizon 2020.

Research And Innovation Actions Results

Innovators from all over Europe are working on a variety of technology domains for the digital transformation of society with a human-centric approach.

Technology, Projects and Support

* indicates there won’t be new calls for these topics

Technologies improving search and discovery
NGI Zero Discovery 11 calls closed and 1 continuously opened call 81 projects awarded
Privacy-enhancing technologies
NGI Zero PET 11 calls closed and 1 continuously opened call 126 projects awarded
Privacy and Security
NGI-Trust* 3 calls closed 54 projects awarded
Better data governance
LEDGER 2 calls closed, 1 call planned 25 projects awarded
Data Portability and Services
NGI DAPSI Data Portability and Services Incubator 1 call closed and 1 planned 17 projects awarded
Self-Sovereign Identity
NGI eSSIF-Lab: Business and Infrastructure 1 call closed, 1 planned, 1 continuously opened call 26 projects awarded
NGI architects to change the underlying fabric of the Internet and the Web
NGI Pointer 1 call closed and 1 planned 24 projects awarded
NGI experiments together with US teams
NGI Atlantic 1 call closed and 4 open calls planned 6 projects awarded
Technology mission to the US
NGI Explorers 2 calls closed 32 explorers
Blockchain technologies
NGI Assure 6 calls planned
Treblo 3 calls planned
Ontochain 3 calls planned

Statistics on selected projects

The success rate for applicants to NGI grants is 1 project selected out of 6.6 proposals. This represents a good rate of success and reflects that applications tend to meet the criteria. The application process is relatively easy and the time between applying for funding and implementing the project is comparatively short.

The average funding for each project is €71K a sufficient sum to allow individual innovators and small teams to develop solutions. In addition, projects such as TETRA support innovators in their search for business readiness and sustainable funding sources. A dedicated team at the NGI Outreach Office assists innovators to gain more market visibility.

NGI is around halfway in terms of overall Horizon 2020 budget. The current portfolio of 366 projects, mobilising €26M, represents around two thirds of the total budget allocated to fund innovators. More funding will be disbursed in 2020 and 2021 through upcoming NGI Open Calls managed by the NGI RIAs.

Statistics on selected third parties

The majority of NGI support goes to individual persons (52 percent) and micro, small or medium-sized enterprises (31 percent). Higher education establishments and Associations/NGOs are also well represented (7 percent each respectively).

NGI has achieved a broad geographic coverage with 80 percent of innovators coming from European Member States and 20 percent from non-EU countries.

The period of January to June was very busy for NGI and with more innovators coming on board in 2020 the community is growing ever stronger.

Stay tuned and check here for current opportunities: NGI Open Calls
Meet some of our successful innovators: ‘Who’s NGI?’

[1] All data are as of September 2020

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