Think NEXUS book chapter is out!

The book “ICT Policy, Research, and Innovation: Perspectives and Prospects for EU – US Collaboration” is now available on Wiley.

The book provides a clearly readable overview of selected information and communication technology (ICT) and policy topics. It compares and contrasts the policy approaches taken by the EU and the US in policy, research, and innovation topics on technologies as wide-ranging as:

  • Internet of Things
  • Cyber physical systems
  • 5G
  • Big data

The book includes a chapter on “The Next Generation Internet Initiative”, which was developed by Think NEXUS partners, namely:

  • Fabrice Clari – GAC Group
  • Glenn Ricart – USIgnite
  • Hubert Santer – GAC Group
  • José Gonzalez – AUSTRALO
  • Nikos Sarris – ATC
  • Peter Van Daele – IMEC
  • Vasilis Papanikolaou – AUSTRALO
  • Wouter Tavenier – IMEC

The book is part of a Wiley / IEEE Press series on “Technology Management, Innovation, and Leadership”, edited by another Think NEXUS partner, Tariq Samad of the University of Minnesota.

This chapter focuses on topics relevant to foster EU-US cooperation on NGI related topics. Moreover, this chapter includes the outcomes from the Think NEXUS US Workshop 2019, which was held in July 2019 in Washington DC, US.

Check more information about this book at:

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