Are you a researcher or innovator in emerging internet technologies?

The NGI Explorers Program is looking for you!

The program is sponsoring European Top researchers and innovators (called Explorers) to join a unique technology expedition in the US. Our Explorers will gain the skills, build the network and find the sustainability necessary to transform Europe into the powerhouse of the Next Generation Internet.

  • 3/5 months expedition to the USA
  • 100% sponsorship
  • Mentorship service to help you throughout your journey
Application Options:
  1. Open Ideas – you apply with your own project idea, choose up to 3 US Nodes from our network, and we do the matching
  2. Challenge – you apply to an idea pre-defined by a US Node from our network
  3. Paired Teams – you apply with your own project idea and bring us a new US Node interested in your project

Explorers’ projects are submitted in a single stage, through the preparation of a complete proposal application, guidelines and templates provided in the Guidelines for Applicants.

Submit your application and Join the NGI Explorers Program now!
More information at: 

Funds are 100% sponsored by the European Commission and will be destined exclusively to providing financial support for Explorers’ travel and subsistence costs during their Expeditions.

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