NGI Trust: discover our funded projects!

From February 2019 to May 2020, the NGI Trust project ran three Open Calls to fund the development of a human-centric Internet through privacy and trust enhancing technologies. These calls attracted a significant number of applications and NGI Trust funded 57 projects focused on relevant innovations.

NGI Trust has started a series of webinars to showcase projects ideas, developments and results – and also to help build a community of innovators among the projects through shared ideas and principles. In the webinars, each of the projects had the opportunity to give a 5-minute pitch to a virtual room of experts from the EC, the family of NGI Projects and from the NGI Trust coaches and mentors.

NGI Trust will be continuing webinars with our projects during 2021. The webinars will cover topics such as Impact of IA, Better Privacy, Data Ethics, Personal Data Management, Advancing Identity, Stronger Tools, etc.

Check the programmes, register and join the webinars. More information via the NGI Trust website.

You can also get the latest news about the NGI project and the webinars through our NGI Trust Twitter account and through the NGI website.

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