Think NEXUS Workshop – “Key NGI technologies in the EU-US context”

On February 17th 2021, Think NEXUS organised an online Workshop titled “Key NGI technologies in the EU-US context”. This was an invitation-only event, which included the participation of more than 30 experts from EU countries and the US.

The Workshop was focused on identifying the technical topics, which will enable the implementation of Next Generation Internet technologies. Therefore, the main objective of this Workshop was to further prepare the EU-US research and development agenda for cooperation on future internet technologies.

The Workshop started with a brief presentation of Think NEXUS and the Next Generation Internet initiative, followed by an explanation of the event’s objectives and agenda. 

In order to foster open and fruitful discussions between the participants, during the Workshop’s first session two parallel tracks were organised: the EU track and the US track. During this session participants had the opportunity to discuss and shortlist the key Internet technologies considered as priorities for the upcoming years.

Furthermore, the second session of the Workshop brought together EU and US experts to discuss the outcomes of previous session and shortlist the main priorities in terms of key technologies for EU-USA cooperation. This was a highly interactive session that resulted in very interesting outcomes for EU-USA cooperation in Next Generation Internet technologies.

The Workshop was moderated by Think NEXUS’ partners – GAC Group and AUSTRALO. All Think NEXUS’ partners attended the Workshop. The main outcomes of the Workshop will be made available soon on the project’s website. 

Stay tuned for more information about Think NEXUS’ upcoming workshops!

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