Spotlight on NGI Architects: Episode 1 – The SOLID Project

Listen to the first episode of the “Spotlight on NGI Architects” Podcast. Launched by NGI Pointer and dedicated to the European Next Generation Internet Program (NGI), this podcast will be the arena where thoughtful discussions about the technologies and methods for a Human Internet will take place.

In this premiere, the podcast hosts Mirko Presser (Aarhus University), Manuel Noya (CEO at Linknovate) and Mirko Ross (IoT & Cybersecurity Expert) talked with Tom Haegemans (Co-Founder of Digita and Research Fellow at KU Leuven) and Ruben Verborgh (Advisor & Partner at Digita and Professor at UGent) about the research they are conducting in the context of an NGI Pointer project: Reshaping Linked Data on the Fly.

This project was one of the beneficiaries of the first NGI Pointer open call for NGI Architects. Listen what they have to say!

NGI Architects: The SOLID Project – Spotlight on NGI Architects | Acast

NGI Architects: The SOLID Project - podcast