TETRA’s Scale-up Bootcamp: an overview

TETRA’s Scale-up Bootcamp, a 3-day event filled with trainings on IP, business modelling, soft skills and a pitching competition, took place online between the 16th and the 18th of March 2021.

The event was organized by Civitta Estonia and supported by Startup Division, European Startup Network, IPIL, LOBA, FVA Consulting, PEDAL Consulting, BIC Bratislava and QPLAN.

With the ambition to provide the necessary knowledge to bring business or research ideas to the market, the event welcomed 50 participants from 21 teams funded by the Next Generation Internet initiatives. The teams were selected through an application process where readiness for the bootcamp was assessed based on their ambition, innovation/potential and level of establishment.

During the first two days, teams could participate in workshops that were followed by practical assignments to work on in the team work sessions that followed each training session. By the third day, teams were ready to pitch their business idea to a jury consisting of cybersecurity and internet technology professionals, VC consultants and pitching experts. The best performing teams were awarded with 1-on-1 mentoring sessions and tickets to large matchmaking events.


The Bootcamp pre-session revolved around the theme: “How to find customers for your solution? Customer-centric approaches to customer discovery”, where the focus was placed on the methodology for customer discovery and data collection, customer discovery process, idea/market fit.

On the first day of the Bootcamp, participants attended workshops on “Advanced business modelling and customer validation”, and team management skills. In addition, two presentations were held, introducing start-up/scale-up financing and another centered around insights on leading teams towards a higher performance.

On the second day, two workshops were held: “What’s in an investor’s mind? 99 questions to be asked from an investor” and “Pitching as a marketing tool and defining your unique selling point”. To complement the trainings, a  lecture on open-source and a presentation on funding options and investments for science-based companies took place. The day ended with speed coaching and meetups.

The last day of the Bootcamp started off with a workshop focusing on how to be memorable in an online pitch, which was followed by pitching trainings and a pitching competition.

Winning teams

  • From NGI TRUST: Least Authority, Evolveum and b.smart;
  • From NGI Explorers: eyeGauge and Nebulous Systems;
  • From NGI LEDGER: Orvium ;
  • From NGI Atlantic: Fairkom ;
  • From NGI Pointer: Koruza.

What now?

It’s time to prepare for the next TETRA bootcamp which will take place from the 29th of June until the 1st of July 2021!
Register here by 31 May 2021: https://www.f6s.com/tetra2summerbootcamp

Anything you want to ask? Contact us at [email protected].

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