NGI Explorers’ Awards Ceremony

On the 18th May 2021, the NGI Explorer team took part in the NGI Forum 2021, co-organizing a workshop with two renowned NGI projects:  NGI Atlantic and Think NEXUS. These three projects have a common main objective, that of bridging, expanding, and sustaining a cross-continent Research and Innovation collaboration.

NGI Explorers' Awards Ceremony

Together they carried out a successful workshop: Showcasing results of the NGI EU-US enhanced ecosystem of top researchers, innovators, and policy stakeholders, with the purpose of sharing valuable project results in the context of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) and cooperation with the US on future key research and technologies.


During this workshop, the NGI Explorers community was treated by a unique event, meant to celebrate the amazing results achieved by our outstanding Explorers, the NGI Explorers Oscars.

Each of the 12 nominees was asked to pitch their project, briefly showcasing their results and project highlights. These projects have been carried out by European researchers and innovators directly working with US interdisciplinary, tech-driven collaborative groups in the following domains: AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud/Edge Computing, IoT, 5G; and verticals: health, smart cities and buildings, network security and connectivity, smart transport, and tourism.

The contestants were then evaluated by a top-notch and well-rounded jury panel with solid knowledge and skill in technology and business:


Despite the high-quality of the results of all our NGI Explorers, in the end only five were awarded prizes for their outstanding performances.

A proud moment for everyone at the NGI Explorers Community, to celebrate The European spirit of progress and collaboration.

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