Privacy and Trust-enhancing Technologies

The latest advancements in privacy and trust-enhancing technologies for the Internet of Humans supported by NGI feature personal data protection, secure medical IoT, safe internet search, fair AI text assessment, privacy preserving deep learning for videos and images as well as a project to protect children from online threats.

NGI Trust published a batch of six case studies featuring the impact of the supported third-party projects in the field of privacy and trust-enhancing technologies development. The selected case studies covered a number of thematic areas in the NGI Trust Portfolio, namely Better Privacy, Safer browsing, Impact of AI, Effective Identity, Securing the Internet of Things:

  • MidPrivacy – Identity Provenance as a first step towards personal data protection.
  • MedIAM – Open source pilot implementation of secure medical IoT devices.
  • Better Internet Search – The ISIBUD Project.
  • FAIR-AI: Designing human-centric AI to enable fairness assessments of texts.
  • Deep-Learning / SensifAI: Smart-enhancing videos and images on-device while fully preserving privacy.
  • CASPER 2.0 – An AI-based ghost protecting children from online threats.

The case studies highlight the importance of the support that NGI Trust and the Next Generation Internet initiative provides in terms of funding and guidance, coaching, as well as access to training.

Read the full case studies on the NGI Trust website.

See also our ‘Who’s NGI?’ blog post on CASPER:

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