NGI Assure Announces Finalists for Reinforcing Blockchain in the EU

NGI ASSURE’s 1st Open Call for bottom-up projects selected thirteen finalists from seven different EU countries over a total of 71 applications. Beneficiaries will access an overall €474,610 equity-free funding per project and test their solutions within NGI ASSURE Business and Technical Support Programme.

Discover the shortlisted projects:
  • GNUnet Messenger API: API for decentralised instant messaging using CADET
  • Adopting the Noise Key Exchange in Tox:  Improved security of Tox instant messaging with NoiseIK
  • Securing Shared Decentralised Live Information with m-ld: Collaborative editing of LInked Data based on CRDT
  • GNUnet: Formalisation within IETF of R5N Distributed Hash Table design
  • Peer-to-Peer Access to Our Software Heritage: Access Software Heritage data via IPFS DHT
  • The Libre-SOC Gigabit Router: Native Open Hardware chip implementation of crypto primitives
  • Yrs: Collaborative editing with CRDT written in Rust
  • Layer-2-Overlay: Generalising the GNUnet Layer-2 Overlay for broader usage
  • Libresilient: Create robust web presence with service workers and DHT
  • Improving OpenSSH’s Authentication and PKI through OpenPGP: Improving SSH Authentication with OpenPGP transitive trust
  • Adding TPM Support to Sequoia PGP: Implement use of TPM 2.0 crypto hardware for OpenPGP
  • Trustix: Make build logs available as publicly verifiable, tamper-proof Merkle trees
  • TrustING: Ultrafast AS-level Public-Key Infrastructure

The consortium behind the project continues to organise further Open Calls, the next deadline is December 1 st 2021 at 12:00 CEST, more information is available here.

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