NGI Policy Summit 2021

NGI Policy Summit 2021

The NGI Policy Summit 2021 addressed how we can build an alternative model for the future of the Internet through the lens of three overarching themes: keeping the internet global; building a sustainable, interoperable internet, and reclaiming the internet as a public good.

The three-day event, held 29 Nov to 1 Dec featured a stellar constellation of speakers.

Keeping the internet global

What is Europe’s role in shaping a global internet? What is the role of standard-setting and new governance models in shaping a better future internet? NGI discussed the promise and peril of digital sovereignty, threats to network integrity and resilience, and different approaches to trust and disinformation online.

A sustainable, interoperable internet

How can we build an internet that is open, inclusive and sustainable? NGI discussed how Europe can drive forward the transition towards a greener and more equitable internet. Conversations explored how abstract ideas like interoperability and decentralisation can be applied to create a more democratic, human-centric internet and what more Europe can do to support the open source community.

The internet as a public good

Can public digital infrastructure and commons-based approaches help us reclaim the internet as a public good that serves everyone, everywhere? What are the tangible next steps we can take to truly remake our digital economy? We will talk about the role of digital identity and consider the importance of inclusive innovation and good data governance.

Recordings of the event are available here.