An Intellectual Property Guide for IT Developers

Intellectual Property Guide for IT DevelopersThe TETRA project – business accelerator for NGI – recently published an Intellectual Property Guide of IT developers, developed by IPIL – Intellectual Property Institute of Luxembourg.

In this Guide, TETRA collected all the most frequently asked questions on Intellectual Property (IP), asked by IT developers.

Intellectual Property Guide FOR IT Developers

You will have an overview on:

  • General considerations: why considering IP in IT; where to find information; etc.
  • FAQs on patents: what can be protected with patents; where to file a patent; etc.
  • FAQs on copyright: what can be protected with copyright; what kind of rights are provided by copyright; etc.
  • FAQs on trade marks: what can be protected with trade marks; where and how to file a trade mark; etc.
  • FAQs on designs: what can be protected with designs; examples of designs; etc.

You can download the Guide here!

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