NGI Pointer Final Event

Project members, officers, the advisory board and the NGI Pointer Architects final meet up!

We had the opportunity to make the NGI Pointer Final Event last week, especially on the 21st of November. The event was held online, and it was packed as we expected! Key participants and attendees were the NGI Pointer Team Project Management. NGI Pointer Architects, NGI Pointer Advisory Board Advisory Board Members from the internet architecture field and the NGI Pointer Project Officer (EC).

At some point, more than 45 people connected, which made a full house of attendance for the NGI Pointer architects. We are thankful for their active participation in the project and grateful for their reaching all the expected milestones.

NGI Pointer Project Goals

The event, led by Mirko Ross, was very smooth, and we had the chance to discuss the main topics of the project, enjoy presentations of key milestones from key NGI Pointer Architects as well as discuss the sustainability of the project and the architect’s solutions too.

The agenda mainly consisted of a 15 minutes of State of Play, a quick update on projects funded, main successes and learnings led by Mirko Presser (AU), followed by a 30 minutes session about Project Showcase & “AMA” between Architects Open Call NGI Pointer Architects will present their project milestones during the programme and take questions from other NGI Pointer Architects:

  • TCPLS(Maxime Piraux)
  • SCE – Some Congestion Experienced (Pete Heist & Jonathan Morton)
  • PANAPI (David Hausheer & Thorben Krueger)
  • Sphinx (Harry Halpin)
  • Mirage Os – Deploying MirageOS unikernels (Hannes Mehnert)
  • P4EDGE (Peter Vörös)

NGI Pointer Team

Project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, Grant agreement Nº: No. 871528

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