NGI Impact Stories – Interview: Alex Garel (Open Food Facts)

In the heart of Brussels, the NGI Forum 2023 showcased the success of the “NGI Impact Stories” activity. This event shared inspiring stories of the NGI initiative, highlighting their commitment and achievements in making things faster and better.

These Impact Stories went beyond just talking about what was done; they showed how the NGI community, all working together, is making a more human internet.

Initiatives like Transatlantic SSI Interop, PeerTube, E-Project, Tauri, and Open Food Facts were part of this, showing how NGI is changing how we use the internet. These NGI Impact Stories are built by people pushing boundaries to make an internet that focuses on everyone.

Each story showed how technology and passionate communities unite, inviting everyone to make the internet better for us all.

Open Food Facts, one of these Impact Stories from the NGI Forum 2023, caught all the attention for its work on food and its impact on health and the environment. With many adults facing obesity and food contributing significantly to pollution, Open Food Facts wants to help people make better choices.

Alex Garel, our speaker, talked about why our food choices matter. More people want to do something good for their health and the planet, but it takes work. Open Food Facts is trying to solve this by creating a massive database of food information worldwide.

✨ Alex Garel’s talk showed us that the NGI Initiative through the NGI Search and NGI Zero Discovery programmes and Open Food Facts are teaming up to make it simpler for everyone to find information about food and make healthier choices.✨

Open Food Facts is a digital common with Open Source and Open Data at its core. Daily, we help citizens make better food choices for their health and the planet. We are thankful for the support of NGI that makes it possible to achieve our impact at a European scale while staying fully aligned with our ethics and vision.

Alex Garel

Are you curious about this journey to rewrite the story of food?
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