NGI Impact Stories – Interview: Daniel Thompson Yvetot (Tauri)

In the heart of Brussels, the NGI Forum 2023 highlighted the success of “NGI Impact Stories“, sharing inspiring stories of dedication and success, which don’t just discuss what happened; they showcase how the NGI community work together to improve the internet.

✨ One of these Impact Stories comes from Tauri.✨

Picture it not just as a toolkit but as a dynamic tool crafting secure computer and mobile apps. This open-source Rust-based gem is a product of dedicated teamwork within the NGI ecosystem.

Tauri’s impact speaks volumes:

✅ Ranked 95 on GitHub.
✅ With 100,000 weekly NPM downloads, it’s a go-to for many.
✅ AWS acquisition of marks Tauri’s impressive influence.

Tauri emphasises community safety by prioritising secure defaults and providing customisable options through Rust’s built-in security features. Regular audits under the NGI Zero program ensure continuous security enhancements, reinforcing Tauri’s commitment to being secure by design.

Through collaboration with the NGI initiative, Tauri’s integration with Servo signifies a significant step forward, positioning it to develop a European Browser focused on privacy, security, and identity preservation.

NGI is a unique opportunity for European tech innovators to get early funding to support their open-source projects and connect with the entire community.

Daniel Thompson Yvetot

This shift from dependence on major browser providers reflects Tauri’s dedication to creating a more secure and privacy-oriented digital environment.

Are you curious about Tauri and its dedication to strengthening internet security?
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