NGI Impact Stories – Interview: Gaël Duval (Murena)

In the heart of Brussels, the NGI Forum 2023 highlighted the success of the”NGI Impact Stories“, sharing inspiring stories of dedication and success, which don’t just discuss what happened; they showcase how the NGI community works together to improve the internet.

Let’s focus on one of these stories, the E-Project. In an engaging workshop session led by Thomas Wilczek‍ from NGI Outreach Office partner #FundingBox, Gaël Duval presented the E-Project. This project, led by the non-profit E Foundation and for-profit Murena, envisions offering people a mobile device choice that respects privacy and sustainability.

Since 2018, Murena and E Foundation have achieved these significant milestones:

✅ /e/OS – The Privacy Pioneer: Developed the world’s first ‘deGoogled’ Android, verified for privacy by academic research.
✅ Murena Cloud: Created the Murena Cloud based on Nextcloud.

✅ Open-Source Apps: Developed privacy-safe apps for /e/OS and Murena Cloud.

✅ Advanced Privacy Module: Went the extra mile to empower users with an ‘Advanced Privacy’ module.

✅ Scaling Privacy: First non-Google Android commercialized at scale, with an active user base of 35,000 people.

✅ Device Compatibility: /e/OS works on over 240 smartphones and tablets.

✅ Hardware Line: The Murena One hardware line was introduced in 2022, offering a holistic solution.

✅ Sustainability Advocates: Ensured 100% of servers run on renewable energy and collaborated with eco-friendly phone brands.

What makes this initiative so unique is its engagement with the NGI.

✨ NGI Ledger: Championed privacy, openness, and data sovereignty projects.

✨ NGI DAPSI: Focused on data portability and interoperability, upgrading cloud encryption to end-to-end.

✨ NGI Search: Actively working on improving search functionalities with a focus on open-source and privacy.

✨ Mobifree: The e Foundation reached an important goal this year by starting the MobiFree project. This initiative gathers members from European countries to build a fair mobile software system that values privacy and openness. MobiFree contributes to the EU’s Digital Sovereignty for citizens and organizations by following open-source principles and using open data and standards.

The NGI initiative is making various projects and people from all other countries in the EU to meet and work together. We have different cultures and languages but we successfully communicate and build together. Maybe it’s one of the first incarnations of a “human-centric European Union”, something similar to Erasmus in its spirit, that let millions of young Europeans meet and discover each other. I think NGI programs are helping build a common history and culture for people from all parts of the EU. And probably many of us realise that we have common European values.

Gaël Duval

The NGI initiative has played a pivotal role in reshaping European IT, countering Big Tech monopolies with privacy-centric solutions. In a world where data privacy and sustainability matter, they’re pioneers leading the charge for a more open, secure, and ethical internet.

Are you curious about Murena and its plans for the future? Don´t miss this interview.

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