NGI Impact Stories – Interview: Pouhiou Lafon (Framasoft)

In the heart of Brussels, the NGI Forum 2023 highlighted the success of the “NGI Impact Stories“, sharing inspiring tales of dedication and success. These stories don’t just discuss what happened; they showcase how the NGI community work together to improve the internet.

One of these Impact Stories comes from PeerTube, which was born in 2017 to make video sharing easy without relying on big platforms like YouTube by focusing on traditional internet values.

NGI provides funds and resources to FOSS innovators, and their grant process is adapted to small structures, prioritising shipping code over paperwork.

Pouhiou Lafon

Framasoft (a small not-for-profit organisation), with the help of the NGI Zero Discovery and the NGI Zero Entrust Programs, spent six years building PeerTube, which isn’t just another platform; it’s about giving people freedom and a user-friendly alternative to big tech companies.

✨ PeerTube’s journey shows what tech can do when a community comes together. It lets people share stories, creativity, and ideas without depending on big tech.✨

PeerTube’s impact is seen in various areas:

✅ Institutions like the European Commission and the Netherlands’ Institute of Sound and Vision are part of the PeerTube revolution.

✅ Educators like the French Ministry of Education and the University of the Philippines Diliman quickly adopted PeerTube.

✅ Content Creators like Skeptikon, TILvids, and Bunseed prefer PeerTube.

✅ Independent Media, like French left-wing indie media outlet Blast and theatre commons media platform Howlround, found a home in PeerTube.

✅ All Kinds of Citizens can now share their stories, passions, and experiences using PeerTube.

PeerTube has over 1,079 public instances, hosting 923,000 videos with 567 million views. All this was achieved with just one paid developer until September, with a budget of around 600,000 euros—less than 0.0022% of YouTube’s ad revenues in 2022.

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