NGI Influencers Programme – Empowering the NGI Community to Thrive Together

NGI Influencers Programme

Have you ever wondered who is behind the push for a more human-centric internet?

Over the years, we have proudly witnessed the evolution of this Community into what it is today: a large family united by a shared mission for a more human-centric and safe internet that caters to the essential needs of European citizens. 

Committed to this community, we’re excited to partner with leading experts to reach these two goals:

✅ Our first aim is to transform this space into a comprehensive hub where anyone can discover information, resources, and a sense of belonging for those dedicated to fostering a more human-centric internet. 

✅ Aligned with our members’ aspirations and our ambition to deliver top-tier content, we’re leading the charge on trending topics by bridging the gap between our community and a select group of specialists. We aim to nurture an environment ripe for inspiration and idea exchange, empowering us to thrive together.

With great pride, we introduce our first batch of experts:

👩‍🎓​Irene Hernández

Ever wondered who’s leading the change in self-sovereign identity (SSI)?

Meet Irene Hernández, a savvy entrepreneur and technologist with over 18 years under her belt who founded Gataca. Her work in SSI, especially with the enactment of European regulation #eIDASv2, has not gone unnoticed. As an influential voice in the NGI community, Irene is dedicated to sharing her expertise and spurring innovation in the digital realm.

👉​ Learn more about Irene by clicking here

👨‍🎓​Rob Van Kranenburg

Curious about the nexus between digital innovation and cybersecurity? 

Say hello to Rob van Kranenburg, a luminary in the Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity fields. Serving as the Chief Innovation Officer at in Germany and the founder of “” and “,” Rob has been a digital transformation trailblazer since 2009. His efforts with the NGI initiative, notably the NGI Move program, have significantly shaped the evolution of the Internet across Europe. Rob’s work seeks to merge utopian internet visions with the practicalities of market demands and governance, advocating for a more inclusive, human-centred digital future.

👉​ Learn more about Rob by clicking here

👨‍🎓​Maurizio Napolitano

Fascinated by the confluence of technology and open knowledge?

Meet Maurizio Napolitano, or “Napo”, revered in the tech community for his commitment to open-source and knowledge dissemination. Despite a background in sociology, Maurizio was deeply influenced by hacker culture starting in the ’80s. As the Digital Commons Lab (DCL) leader at the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento, he has advocated for open knowledge, free software, the commons, and open data. His activism, especially within the OpenStreetMap community, underscores his dedication to these principles.

👉​ Learn more about Maurizio by clicking here

Seize the opportunity to engage with them by sharing your comments below. We’re eagerly awaiting your insights.

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