LLMSDI: OSS LLMs and decentralized systems for Search, Discovery and Indexing on the Internet

InfoSys 2024 Congress Athens

At the OSS LLMs scientific conference, part of the Infosys 2024 Congress alongside the Evolving Internet event in Athens, the NGI Search project took the lead.

The conference, chaired by Ph.D. Aurora González-Vidal from the University of Murcia, Spain, and Ph.D. Mirko Presser from Aarhus University, Denmark, featured these sessions:

  • Verif.ai: Presenting an open-source question-answering system (more info here)
  • Science Checker Reloaded: Introducing a transparent approach to scientific reasoning (more info here)
  • Building Authentic AI: Exploring OriginTrail’s decentralized knowledge system.
  • Generative-AI and Elections: Examining chatbots’ reliability for voters.
  • OKLLM: Unveiling an online knowledge search platform for LLM innovations (more info here)

These presentations showcased NGI Search’s commitment to advancing internet search and indexing and preparing everything for the opening of the following, and last, Open Call for this project.

Keen on learning more about the session? Download the presentation here or watch the full session below.

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