NGI Influencers: What has Irene Hernandez been up to?

Irene Hernandez NGI

Discover how the recent talk hosted by NGI have been shaping the future of digital privacy. Delve into insightful discussions led by experts like Irene Hernandez, a seasoned entrepreneur and technologist deeply committed to reshaping the digital landscape for enhanced privacy and security. With over 18 years of experience advising global corporations on innovative IT solutions, Irene’s journey into decentralized technologies began during her tenure at MIT. There, she immersed herself in pioneering research, exploring solutions ranging from self-regulated solar energy grids to decentralized identity architectures.

Driven by her passion for combating identity fraud and safeguarding online privacy, Irene founded Gataca, a company dedicated to revolutionizing authentication on the internet. Through Gataca’s groundbreaking decentralized identity management platform, individuals can now assert control over their digital identities, ensuring seamless and secure access to online services.

But Irene’s impact extends beyond the realm of entrepreneurship. As a fervent advocate for a more secure digital future, she recently delivered a compelling NGI Talk titled “Privacy’s Price – Why Indifference Poses a Mortal Threat to the Internet.” In this thought-provoking session, Irene delved into the critical implications of user indifference towards privacy and its profound effects on the future of the internet.

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Access her NGI Talk recording here.

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