The Expert Group

The Expert Group brings together leading European and International community members to provide input on specific aspects of relevance to the Next Generation Internet ecosystem.

As an Expert Group member, you will:

  • Participate actively in the biannual Expert Group sessions and workshops.
  • Provide your inputs and opinions on a set of predefined topics and give contributions towards strategic white papers.
  • Share information about relevant advances or items of interest in your areas of activity.
  • Participate in communication activities (e.g. interviews) related to the promotion of your role as an Expert Group member.
  • Be a member of the NGI community.

If you want to be part of the Expert Group, please fill out our form:

Karma Peiró

Karma Peiró
Co-founder & Director of Visualization for Transparency Foundation (ViT)

Area(s) of expertise: Communication and Information Technologies, Ethics on Artificial Intelligence, Open Data, Digital ecosystem, etc
Representation: Non profit
Country: Spain

Charalampos Vassiliou
Managing Director INNOSYSTEMS M.IKE.

Area(s) of expertise: Digital Health, Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy and Innovation, AI, Public Services
Representation: Corporate
Country: Greece

Melanie Dulong de Rosnay
Research professor, CNRS Director, Center for Internet and Society of CNRS

Area(s) of expertise: Digital Commons, Internet Commons, Open Data, Open Access, Open Science, Open Licensing
Representation: Academia
Country: France

Mayo Fuster Morell
Director of Barcelona UOC Chair on digital Economy and Chair COST Action P-Will

Area(s) of expertise: Feminist economics, digital feminism, digital commons, platform economy
Representation: Academia
Country: Spain

Sachiko Muto
Chairman OpenForum Europe

Area(s) of expertise: Open source, open standards, digital autonomy
Representation: Non profit
Country: Belgium

Klaas Wierenga
Chief Information & Technology Officer, GÉANT

Area(s) of expertise: Innovation management, with an emphasis on identity, mobility and security
Representation: Corporate
Country: The Netherlands

Paul Keller
Director of Policy, Open Future Foundation

Area(s) of expertise: Digital Commons, Copyright, Access to Knowledge, Public Domain, Open Content, Open Data
Representation: Civil Society Think Tank
Country: The Netherlands

Zuzanna Warso
Director of Research, Open Future Foundation 

Area(s) of expertise: Human rights, digital public space, digital commons
Representation: Non-profit
Country: Based in Poland, focus on the EU in general

Marleen Stikker
Founder, Waag Future Lab

Area(s) of expertise: Technology, Culture & Innovation
Representation: Non profit
Country: The Netherlands

Sander van der Waal
Research Director Waag Futurelab

Area(s) of expertise: Digitalisation, Digital Rights, Digital Advocacy, Open Source, Open Data
Representation: Non-profit
Country: The Netherlands

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