ELITR – European Live Translator

ELITR, an EU-funded research and innovation project pushes the frontiers of simultaneous speech translation and document-level translation.

Centered around use cases of two user partners, the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic and alfatraining, ELITR will bring to life:

  • Live subtitling in up to 43 languages, with the major event already in June 2020: the EUROSAI 2020 congress of supreme audit institutions,
  • Speech translation in alfaview remote conferencing platform.

High quality natural language processing (NLP) is critically needed in the diverse European landscape. The service will be a significant contribution to the Next Generation Internet by accomplishing two objectives: 1) overcoming the language barrier in Europe connected via the Internet and 2) improving accessibility to content, live and offline, on the Internet by providing a textual representation of spoken content in all languages of the EU.

We address the following challenges:

  • Highly multi-lingual translation.
  • Translation of spoken genre, live subtitling.
  • Preservation of cross-sentence context, in written documents or spoken sessions.

Additionally, we aim to lay foundations for automatic meeting summarization (“minuting”), to provide NLP community with one possible clear and concise definition and to start shared tasks on the topic.

ELITR is co-ordinated by Charles University, with the University of Edinburgh and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology as two research partners, PerVoice as the integration partner and alfatraining as project-funded user partner. The Supreme Audit Office is contributing from its own funds.

Website: elitr.eu
Twitter: @ElitrOrg
CORDIS sheet: cordis.europa.eu

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